Meditation-the secret of being happy and healthy

Did you know, that by pulling out the plugs and doing virtually nothing for 30-60 minutes a day, you will be able to:

  • Create deep inner peace in your busy daily life,

  • Improve your abilities to handle stress significantly,

  • Increase your general physical and psychological well-being considerably,

  • Strengthen your immune system and thus also your resistance against different diseases,

  • Improve your sleep and consequently also reduce your need of sleep,

  • Increase your cabability of being present in the moment, and thereby strongly enhancing your close relationships.

  • Optaine a higher level of mental clarity during your day,

  • Improve your ability to learn and enhance your memory,

  • Increase the natural production of HGH, (human growth hormon) in your body, which inhibits the ageing process,

  • Increase your IQ with 10-20 points,

  • Increase your joy of life and your general quality of life considerably,

  • Obtain a higher degree of contact with your deepest core of being behind your outer personality and thus strengthen your subjective experience of meaning, inner freedom, security, love and cohesion in your life.

But what kind of doing nothing can be so comfortable and produce such an amount of positive effects, you may ask? -

You have probably experienced for your self, how restless or bored you can get, when doing nothing for just a short period of time.

The answer is meditation. -

Through decades, numerous international researches have proved that effective meditation techniques may have the above-mentioned effects beside many others.

But if it is so fantastic, then why don't a lot more people meditate?

If you have tried meditating earlier, you are sure to know one of the answers:

  • Usually, it takes some time, before you feel the positive effects of traditional meditation techniques, and for this reason, most people unfortunately stop meditating before they experience the great benefits. Why bother spending several hours a week on something, when you cannot tell, if it works or not!?

  • In traditional meditation techniques, you will typically very quickly fall into thoughts and daydreams and thus forget to practise the technique. For this reason, the "effective period of time" in which you meditate becomes shorter and the positive effect of the meditation is decreased or does not occur at all. - And again, how do you then find the motivation to continue?

  • Many people find it very hard to find time to meditate in a busy daily life with family, children, work and all the other things that need taking care off.

  • Traditional meditation techniques are often weaved into a certain religious or spiritual context, with which you do not necesserily feel connected and thus you do not want to have it as "part of the package".

MasterWaves is a modern and garanteed guru free meditation technique, which helps you gently and efficiently to de-stress and enter deeply into a wonderful state of mind of inner peace and harmony, which you would otherwise need years of traditional neditative training to obtain.

The MasterWaves meditation method provides most people with an experience of deep relaxation and a great sense of well-being already from the first meditation.
Through a specially designed "soundscape" MasterWaves Influences your nervous system to gear down and regenerate in a very gentle and extremely effective way without you having to focus your attention on practising a certain technique or method. You could say that you are "being meditated" by the pleasant sounds while all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

After only a few days, MasterWaves Meditation gives most people a clear experience of being much more present in the moment, and of having access to much more inner peace and physical well-being. This appears to be a great motivating factor in relation to finding a good routine with relaxation and regular meditation.

The MasterWaves Meditation Program Level 1 consists of two different versions of the meditation, that is a short 20 minute version and a long 40 minute version respectively, so that you can find the time to meditate both when you are busy and when you have plenty of time. Needless to say that the long version is more effective, but you will gain a lot even from the short version.

Read more about MasterWaves in our Frequently Asked questions here on this website.
Subscribe to Masterwaves Level 0 at and get access to the free MasterWaves Meditation Program. You will have the opportunity to download the meditations in mp3 format for your iPod or other kind of mp3 player.

You may very well be about to start a great positive change in your life within the next 10 minutes.

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